With Gratitude

This foundation would not have been possible without the inspiration of Caroline. However, it would not have been possible withou the creative expertise, insight and generousity of many. We would like to thank Rich Ballard for the donation to fund the begining of this great cause. We would like to thank Shawn & Kristen Hubbard from Shawn Hubbard Photography for capturing the light in our little girls’ eyes and for allowing us to use his art on our site. Thank you, Kristen for creating the logo we had invisioned from the start. We would like to thank Bryan McDounough for his many hours of patience, dedication and creative ability in helping us to create this website. Lastly, we woul like to thank each and every child that has ever taught a grown-up what life is all about. You are our inspiration and our motivation. Thank you God for this vision, these people and this gift. We pray that this foundation blesses many and those who serve to make it great.